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your website pricesPrices to build a website may vary from person to person. We build quality websites that rank first page on search engines. There are many places across the web where a person can get free websites, which is a great price if the desire is to have a website and nothing more. There may be a business who wants a website to just place the link on a business card. They don’t need a highly optimized website. They have a small budget and low prices for their website needs are important to them. Both of these categories are satisfied with websites that don’t rank on search engines where new customers can find them. We don’t build either of these type of websites. When we build a website we have ongoing maintenance for each site that helps them achieve higher rankings on search engines. The websites we build can be found on first page searches for certain keywords and keyword phrases. For more information on our website design click here to read about us.

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Prices for Local Business Websites

We specialize in local city business websites. We have achieved first page Search engine websites for many local businesses on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. The research, customer interaction and updating on each websites takes a lot of time not to mention building the website. When we build a website we expect to have a minimum of 100 hours of time into the site in the first three weeks. During the first year we spend a minimum of additional 30 to 50 hours updating the website. After we build the website you can request additional pages and posts that you may want to add to the site. Pricing for the additional pages and posts are determined as on individual basis per request.

Prices for all Websites

Online website pricesThe pricing for Deluxe website starts at $5,000. If your needs are not there yet then let us know what you are looking for and we can give you a price to fit your needs. The Deluxe includes the time it takes us for research, customer interaction and updating for the first year. Each website will have proper legal disclaimers, responsive mobile phone design, business testimonials, 1 YouTube Video, About, FAQ, Contact, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Sitemap, and Services.There are other packages you can add to the website base price which are listed below.

  • $750 a month SEO website – Subscribe
  • $500 Additional Video (each)
  • $500 annually Additional Video Marketing (one video per year)
  • $500 annually Additional Article Marketing (one article per year)
  • (per request) Additional pages
  • (per request) Training to edit your pages and posts

Videos and Articles

Our videos and articles are unique in that each one of them are carefully made and set-up with search engine optimization. They are positioned on your website and on other areas of the web where they can be easily found and ranked by search engines.

Let us help you with our best prices for your Website needs today!best prices and best results

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