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divine inspiration for webite designI had divine inspiration guiding me on website design as I searched for ways to increase page ranking of our websites. What began this venture for us was a Google Search for our own website. We have owned a Service Business for 30 years and had a website for this business for going on 20 years. About 10 years ago we did a search on Google to see where the business was located on the search. After looking at all the Google pages on the search our website was not located anywhere on Google. We started reading what the problems could be and asked the person hosting our site if we could try our hand at fixing it and he gave us the username and password to begin our adventure at website design. With no training or special courses, after working on the website design for several months, we began to see it climb in the ranking for different search keywords that we would type in Google and Yahoo searches. Through prayer I believe divine inspiration helped me find out how to get our website to first page for certain search terms.

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Example Of Our Website Design

The Slider Web Pages on the right are examples of some of the web sites we have created at CityWeb Website Design.  The web sites you see on the right in the slider can be found on first and second pages of a Google search when searching for the keywords which we specifically have ranked them to be found. You can click on the sites in the slider to go to those websites. Check out some of our posts that show how our website design sites are ranking that we have created. wesite design programerWe have found new customers looking for a new service company are searching the web in “buyer ready” mode when they find these websites. With the Websites we maintain, your new and old customers can reach your company and the expertise you have to offer them!

Looking for a dependable CityWeb Website Design Company?

We apply professional techniques to attract customers to your website. We will work with you and your company to setup numerous mechanisms to convert these preliminary web site guests into repeat Customers. We appreciate the opportunity to help you with your online marketing presence. At CityWeb we are interested in working towards helping you meet your expectations and goals. We have seen some amazing success like we mentioned above. To contact CityWeb Website Design use the contact form or give us a ring and we’ll be delighted to setup a free confidential 20 minute consultation to talk about the possibilities for your business.

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